Task 1 (GT Module). 8.5-9 баллов. Написано экзаменатором IELTS.

You wish to invite a friend to come and stay with you in your new home. In your letter:

  • tell him/her where you have moved to;

  • tell him/her how to get there;

  • describe what he/she can see and do.

Hello Jack,

You will never believe where Joan and I have moved to! We are living in a fantastic beachside apartment on the Atlantic coast in Portugal. The town is quite small; about 12,000 people, but we have lots of cafes, pubs and a brilliant leisure complex.

Please come and stay with us. You can fly direct from your city to Oporto, and we live fairly close to the airport. Just take a number 2 bus and get off at Palmas. We are the second road on the left and the house number is 79.

You will have a great time. The area is famous for surfing and every evening people cook fish on the beach. I bet your mouth is watering already. Give me a ring or send an e-mail. We have a new number, 00339565321. Our e-mail is still the same.

See you soon, I hope.