Task 1 (Academic). 8.5-9 баллов. Написано экзаменатором IELTS.

The line graph contains information concerning enquiries received by a tourist office over the period January to June; sub-divided into enquiries made in person, by letter or email and by telephone.

Personal enquiries start quite low at just over 400 but then climb quite steeply until they peak during June at 1900. This compares to telephone enquiries , which show a similar overall trend but start at 900, drop to 800 in February, climb to 1000 in March and stay at this figure through April, climbing again with a figure of 1400 in May and 1600 in June.

Letter and emails start at 420, drop slightly in March and April and then begin a steady descent, reaching 380 in May and June.

The overall trend, despite the fluctuations, shows personal and telephone enquiries as being the most popular and e-mail being the lowest. However, letter/e-mail and personal enquiries do get quite close during March at approximately 700.