Task 2 (GT Module). 8.5-9 баллов. Написано мной.

В погоне за призрачными баллами 8+ некоторые кандидаты с отличным английским чересчур перегружают свое эссе "чужеродной", вымученной лексикой, которая только затрудняет чтение. В итоге текст "не звучит".
Ниже я привожу пример своего эссе, которое написано без перегруза продвинутой лексикой, однако читается легко, и в нем есть динамика. Также в нем присутствует то, чего так боятся многие кандидаты: фразовые глаголы (о ужас!). Тем не менее, это эссе заслуживает 8.5-9 баллов.
Это эссе было проверено тремя экзаменаторами. Два поставили за него 9 баллов, один - 8.5. Отдельно хочу обратить внимание, что в эссе модуля GT от вас не ожидают излишнего формализма и академизма: его можно писать в нейтральном стиле.

Going to the cinema was once the only way to see a motion picture. However, the advancement of technology over the past decades has brought forth a multitude of other movie-viewing options. One of the most current trends is watching films on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, which some people consider a convenient alternative to the traditional movie night out. Even though I personally cannot relate to that, I understand why this no-frills option has gained traction worldwide, becoming a go-to favorite for many movie enthusiasts.

The popularity of mobile movie watching most likely stems from ease of access, as films can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and with minimal effort. Mobile movie watchers seem to feel that they are more than compensating for any lost moviegoing perks. They appreciate the ultimate convenience that allows them to watch movies from the comfort of their own home, while in transit, or anywhere else they have their mobile device on hand. For instance, many people would prefer to stay home and curl up on the couch in cozy pajamas, with a cup of hot chocolate or a bowl of homemade popcorn within easy reach. And all that at a fraction of the price of a movie ticket along with refreshments and snacks, which are often sold at a hefty markup.

However, despite the obvious advantages of this convenient option, some people still feel compelled to go out and watch a movie on the big screen. They want to feel the surround sound reverberating down their spine. They never miss the trivia at the beginning of the movie or the upcoming trailers. They believe that the moviegoing experience would not be complete without a bucket of popcorn and a reclining seat. And strangely enough, some even enjoy being surrounded by fellow viewers who are giggling, sighing, bursting into laughter, or shedding a tear in unison. With all of these factors combined, going to the movie theater becomes a truly multifaceted experience. And it is for this reason that I still prefer a night at the movies, despite the fact that a myriad of new releases and good old classics are waiting to be watched at my fingertips.

There is no doubt that mobile movie watching offers a legitimate alternative to a movie night out. But the way I see it, it just does not compare to the entertainment value and nostalgic ritual offered by an evening at the theater.